Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The first thing you can help get rid off is to exclude risk factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction:

  1. Stop smoking. Smoking is a harmful habit that disrupts cardiovascular system performance, leads to vessels narrowing, including penile vessels, as a result of which man develops erectile dysfunction.
  2. Engage in sports activities. Swimming, running, cycling, simple walking – all these can positively influence cardiovascular system performance, which will certainly improve quality of your sexual life.
  3. Learn to avoid stressful situations, emotional and physical stress. Constant stress reduces your ability to keep full and active sexual life.

At present, ED pills are widely used to treat various forms of erectile dysfunction, but these drugs should be prescribed only by an experienced doctor. Uncontrolled use of drugs can lead to severe complications, especially in patients at risk suffering from diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart failure.

If you want to restore erectile function, without consequences detrimental to your body, you should make an appointment with experienced specialists-urologists.

Initial Stage of ED Treatment

First, come in contact with a competent specialist.

Only skilled urologist will be able to:

  • make an accurate diagnosis;
  • identify erectile dysfunction causes;
  • choose the individual method of treating erectile dysfunction that will help you solve your problem.

When applying for erectile dysfunction treatment on the first admission, urologist -specialist, using comprehensive methods (dopplerography and biothesiometry), will diagnose disease in order to determine its causes. On the basis of data obtained, the individual treatment regimen is created, which helps in 98% of cases to successfully restore erectile function. The positive effect of erectile dysfunction treatment is manifested after the first visits to the clinic. Achievement of such high results became possible due to use of a set of unique methods of the treatment and integrated approach to solving the problem.

In addition to restoring erectile function, urologists can successfully solve problems associated with premature ejaculation, treat prostatitis and sexually transmitted infections.

On Notes:

Every second man came across with weakened or absence of erection – at least once in life. This condition can occur at any age, occasionally or repeated all the time.

After the first tested failure, a man often establishes an offensive and unfair diagnosis: “impotence”, and aggravates his condition with fear of intimacy. If you feel your sexual possibilities are diminishing, that erection is not the same as before, that desire to have sex gradually weakens, do not take it as inevitable! The diagnosis of “impotence” no longer exists! The very word “impotent” can be classified as obsolete! At present, in medicine, instead of term “impotence”, term “erectile dysfunction” (ED) is more often used, which is much more correct and implies the less categorical perception of the problem. Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to achieve or maintain an erection if this disorder is observed for a long time